Sunday, October 31, 2010

Settling in & Happy Halloween

Ahh, feels good to finally get my desktop setup. And now that is here the new house is finally feeling like home. Still stuff still needing to come over like the bikes, snow blower, and mowers. I have noticed though this house is half the size it feels less cramped and more functional.

Also happy Halloween!


We haven't had Trick-Or-Treaters since we moved to PA 10 years ago, the first community we lived in didn't allow it and the 2nd place was just to rural. This new community allows it between 5 - 8pm, so stocked up on candy and hope to see some people in cool & creative costumes out and about. Wish I was 12 again getting free candy, oh well least the day after Halloween all the candy is 75% - 85% which is almost as good :P

I am not into the whole party thing so this day has been just like any other day, but since this community is a bit more active with it I will probably get creative with the yard next year.

Every one have a fun Halloween!


  1. I'm just working on ways to scare the little bastards off my porch.

  2. Yeah, our Halloween was pretty boring.

  3. I hope your Halloween was a good one. Glad you are in a place that allows for trick or treaters. Can't even imagine a place where it was not allowed.

  4. I just watched movies online with friends and drank some rum, ate some chocolate bars. Pretty good actually. :D

  5. LOL when I move, it's the desktop that is first to be set up. Everything else just sits in boxes, forgotten.

  6. I like what you did with your blog.
    Followin !