Friday, September 17, 2010

A Musical Interlude

Seen a few comments in my last post saying they didn't know Devo, This led to idea to make a post full of bands and descriptions of their music. Seemed like a great idea till the actual typing began, then it was like I was writing a bad essay, apparently I am also horrible at describing music. Plus it was no fun. So what I will do is post two bands I think people should check out with a accompanying youtube vid. May post some more in the future.

First Cellador a Power Metal band out of Omaha, Nebraska

And then we have Fifth Angel a 80's Heavy Metal Band that never quite took off but should have.



  1. first video doesn't allow embedding. fifth angel was pretty cool though, never heard of them until now!

  2. Alright got a Cellador vid that works.

    Thanks for the Heads up.

  3. First video was pretty good, loved that intro!

  4. And the hair was cool back these days. Fascinating.

  5. I appreciate your kind comments on my blog :)

  6. nice post!
    i like your blog!
    supportin ;)