Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Plan

OK, Instead of me going through every little piece of hardware and listing it, You guys let me know what your looking for and I can see what I can do for you. No set pricing just make me an offer, some things can be the cost of shipping.

Note: Most of my computer gear is pre-2002, None of the Computers in the pictures are "complete" except for the Macintosh IIcx it has a bad HD. There are some Thinkpad T40 & T20 parts available. Check out the Stuff post for some generalized pics.

The video game stuff & the Mac 128k is staying with me.

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  1. Cool!
    Followin n supportin!:)
    Check my blog!

  2. How much do u think in CDN dollars i would have to spend to get a laptop or cpu that could run SC2 on at least mid-high settings?

    Laptop wise you are probably looking at 1,100 CDN.

    I would check out MSI's offings for around 1,200 you can get a GX640 that has a 15.4" screen, 2.40GHz i5 CPU, 4GB of DDR3 ram, 500GB hard drive, and a Radeon 5850 w/ 1GB dedicated video ram. Gaming laptops are not known for there long battery life 2 to 3 hours max.