Sunday, September 26, 2010


So I am looking into different ways to get rid of my computer clutter. The stuff I have isn't really going for that much on ebay, and craigslist is great for certain things but for my area getting rid of computer stuff is not one of them. A lot of scrapyards want to charge if the computers still have the components in them, at best they will take the for free.

I am seriously considering a place called cj environmental, they give you a fedex shipping lable and you send them your scrap. They extract the precious metals and cut you a check a percentage of the metals value. Exactly like cash4gold. Then I would just have to take the metal cases to the scrap yard. It would be easier and faster to send everything in one big box then to sort the stuff and set up individual auctions that may not sell or have to send to multiple places.

I figure the worst that can happen is they give me nothing and I got rid of stuff not worth selling. I would expect best case to get like $30 for everything. So nothing really to lose.

So guys any thoughts on the subject?


  1. Why don't you list what you've got to get rid of, first, and see if anyone around here is willing to give you anything for it..or at least pay for shipping?

  2. <_< Didn't really think of that. Ill make up a list in a bit. I kinda feel dumb.

  3. Go and do that! And thanks for the idea.

  4. we recycle loads around my house :P

  5. That sounds like a good plan. Since it the chemicals or something that comes from computer parts that make them difficult to recycle.

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